The Ultimate Training Bump Order

Creation in AmemberPro

Want to increase your sales cart? Let's learn to configure order bump(s) for your main offer in multiple styles in AmemberPro.



In this training, Janisse will teach you step by step How to Configure your Main Product with an order bump(s) in AmemberPro, there are altogether 14 video/text lessons for the following contents

  • Done-For-You scripts templates, just replace your product in minutes to make beautiful bump offers
  • How to configure your main products for bump offers
  • How create a Checkout page with a Bump Offer option
  • How to embed Checkout page link and integrate to your SALE PAGE or can be in your email list
  • How to create multiple bump orders in your Checkout page
  • How to style your bumps so they look attractive
  • And free life access & upgrade features in future..

Bonus Section (Valued at $39)


You will get a detail write-up and scripts to use hand in hand with the training, its a 48-page e-book guide on Bump Offers

  • Contains flow chart for you to undestand better
  • Contains checklist and worksheets for you to plan out your bump offers
  • Image guidelines for you to follow
  • Sample scripts for you to create the bump offer(s)
  • And many more..

Lesson Overview


Faith Lee / FaithsBizAcademy.com

Even though I run an online business, I dislike dealing with the techy stuff and definitely know nothing about writing scripts!

In fact, previously, I spent over $100 on a paid plugin as well as getting someone to do the configuration for me in order to create a checkout page on aMember Pro with one bump offer feature.

Now, just by following through Janisse’s detailed step-by-step videos, I managed to create a checkout form with two bump offers in under 30 minutes!

I love that her videos are bite-sized so it’s easy to follow and refer back. I also find her ebook to be very helpful in complementing the learning process as well as actually creating the checkout form myself.

Definitely a worthy investment and more pocket-friendly solution to creating bump offers!

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Let's dive into the bite-size video lesson to easily create order bump in an afternoon!

Increase your sales by creating bump offers by configuring in AmemberPro without needing to be a technical expert.

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About Janisse Lim

Janisse Lim graduated in IT back in 1999, worked in IT software for 6 years as a Project Leader enable her to build a solid foundation and management skills from planning to project closing independently.

In 2005 till present, start up her business in the Creative
Industry and Fashion line allows her to express her creativity
and explore interesting projects and help her build a vast
knowledge in managing her business to another level.

With her years of experiences, skills, and good knowledge in business flows, and strong IT background, she is able to empower women and hold their hands together to achieve their goals on creating their business dreams online efficiently!

She is an eager learner and a doer in life! She loves to explore new things and any challenges are a stimulant to her personal growth in life!



A clear and concise course to learn how to make bump offers. Janisse goes through each step, sharing her screen so that there is no confusion. She also gives bonus scripts, graphics and an ebook to make the whole process easy. Janisse has done all the hard work, all that is left is to implement what she teaches! I would highly recommend this course!

Joy McDonald-www.plrwithjoy.com



This training is amazing! Janisse takes you by hand and shows you step-by-step how you can start creating your own bump offers on your Amember Check-out pages. You will save time, energy, and money with her guidance. Just follow the lessons (the ebook and complementary material are also very handy) and you will increase your sales very soon. No tech headaches anymore. For sure, you will want to jump on this offer while it is available because it is one of a kind in the market. I highly recommend

Cynthia Siqueira | Soulful.business | Soulfulplr.com

I really enjoyed taking this course! It taught me so much about creating a bump offer with AmemberPro! I also learned some other things about Amemberpro I did not know! Very easy to follow again and create! I would like to see more of her classes in the near future!

Marcy Patterson-theunpopularmom.com

Imagine what would be if you could

  • Save your time figuring out the process involved in configuration, all work is done for you, you just need to go through the video lessons, within an hour, you can apply and run your offer easily.
  • Save your money without paying software programmer to configure for you or any yearly subscription for this feature.
  • Increase your overall sales performance, more conversion, more sales, which can run automatically!
  • Make more money, customer are happy, and you are happy too, and with the profits you earned, can be reinvested for more quality product creation, or use for personal development, and personal fulfilment wishes!

This course is for you if..

This course is not for you..

You have AmemberPro installed in your PC/Laptop

You need to advance your knowledge in creating Order bumps  in AmemberPro and would like to make more money!

You are newbie but you are an eager learner, willing to put efforts for success.

You never purchase AmemberPro before.

You have no idea what AmemberPro is and you expect this course to cover everything from A..Z

You think AmemberPro is too complicated for you and you don't mind paying more for someone to handle for you!



Do I need a AMEMBERPRO software

Yes. You need to purchase AmemberPro software tool and installed in your PC, and you have some basic knowledge of using the software prior to purchasing this course.

Can I use my IPAD, IPHONE, TABLETS to view the video lessons?

Yes. It's supported, however, if you are configuring the order bump, it's recommended to use your PC or Laptop, because if your screen is bigger, you can reduce the risk or making minor errors!

Do I need internet connection?

Yes, you need to have an internet connection as the software solely functions on an active internet connection.

Do I need to purchase expensive software 

If you have AmemberPro installed in your PC or Laptop, then this course will be meaningful to you.

Is the course beginner friendly?

Yes. You need to have some basic knowledge using AmemberPro first, however if you need to learn to use AmemberPro, I can recommend you some courses to take. You can contact me at [email protected] if you need to understand more about the courses.

How long do I have access the course?

Upon purchase, the access page to the course will be available in your account. You can log in to access the video lessons and take the course at your own pace. You have forever access to the course as long as the course exists. You will also have access to future update I make to the course.

Do you have a refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer refund with this course. Please ensure you have read all the information provided before purchase. Please contact Janisse at [email protected] should you have any question.