Lesson 1: Sell credits in AmemberPro

By janissebizwork
About Lesson 1: Sell credits in AmemberPro

Why do you need to create a credit voucher? How to create a Credit voucher in AmemberPro that works automatically? 

You want to increase your revenue or boost your sales during a special occasion, so you offer a very special deal during the period, and this credit voucher is equivalent to CASH. 

But the problem is, every time your customer redeems any products from your store, she needs to inform you, and you have to create a voucher code for her and you also need to maintain an external file that keeps track of your customer coupon redemption. 

If the above problem is what you are facing right now and you need a smart way to handle the credit voucher system, then this course is for you.

This saves you time and effort in doing the tedious work in the long run!

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